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Sendung 174 vom 27.01.2010

Special dieser Sendung: erste Sendung 2010

Titel Band
Heart of Rock´n´Roll Affair
Hiding in the shadows Sandstone
Lonely Edge of Forever
How it could have been Brian Hove
All these dark years Orden Ogan
Sick Bubblegum Rob Zombie
Don't give up Sunstorm
Head over heels Accept
Across the oceans of time Dark at dawn
Damn good Shylock
From somewhere to everywhere Excalation
World of promises Treat
Dust´n smoke Maxxwell
Living on the edge John Olivas Pain
Believer Giant
Misery´s Crown Dark Tranquility
dancin on the edge of the world Rick Springfield
Someday you´ll come running to me Air Craft
Canonize your sins Red Circiut
Defiance Jack Starr´s Burning Star
Always Stage Dolls
The audience is listening Mustasch
Girl Nation D.A.D.